Features At-a-Glance

Learn about some of the features and capabilities of the QBench Laboratory Information Management System

Track your workflow from start to finish

From sample receiving to reporting

Track Your Samples and Workflow

With QBench you can keep track of your samples and where they are in the workflow in a central system.
QBench eliminates the need to have spreadsheets, shared network folders, and paper­-based tracking systems.

Automated Reporting

With a few clicks you can generate and view hundreds of PDF reports/COAs (Certificate of Analysis) prior to publishing or emailing.

Barcode Samples

Generate barcodes and print customizable labels for your samples. Compatible with off­the­shelf printers and scanners.

Create and Send Invoices

The QBench billing module makes it possible to create and send invoices directly from within the system.


Tag any core data type in the system for a flexible organizational system.

Savable Filters

Users can filter the data to get see what they need to work on. Each user can save a set of filters for everyday use.

Better Visibility

Visualize Key Performance Indicators

Be able to see counts and latencies (days or hours) for
various data types in QBench. This includes metrics such
as turnaround time, sample counts per assay, sample start delay, and many more.

Pass/Fail Visualization

Graph assay results over time for quality control purposes.

Assay Conditional Flagging

See flags when certain configurable conditions are met to quickly see what needs your attention

Get away from paper and spreadsheets!

Data Collection At The Bench

QBench makes it easy to collect the necessary data for the
assays your lab performs.

Custom ­Defined Fields

Add, remove, and rearrange fields that you want for each data

Savable Filters

Users can filter the data to get see what they need to work on.
Each user can save a set of filters for everyday use.

Billing Support

We can help you use the QBench API to generate invoices to
pass along to your accounting system.

Manage Quality Control Data

Configure Control Sets

Create preconfigured controls sets for assays that your lab
runs. Control sets define what type of controls you will be
running and enable technicians to log readings directly into

Automatically Increment Control Counts

Configure how many controls to run (of each type) based on
the number of samples being tested in one batch.

Run Several Calculations

Automatically calculate relative percent difference, etc.


Create report templates to include all of your control data in
any format you like.

There’s more

Deployment Options

Cloud based and on­premise deployment
options available.

Single Sign On

Use your company’s existing identity
provider. QBench works with google,
OAuth, and SAML identity providers.

Role­ Based Access Control

Define roles in your lab and assign
them to users to limit access based on
the user’s role.


All data that’s transmitted between you
and QBench is encrypted using HTTPS.

Backed Up

All of your data is backed up nightly up to
seven days.


As your lab grows we automatically
scale up.

Developer Tools

REST API and hooks to develop your own
powerful applications. Learn more.

Customer Portal

Enable your users to log­in directly to the
system to view their results. Learn more.

Quality Management

Support for accreditation. Keep track of all
your QMS data in a centralized place along
with you testing data.