LIMS for Material Testing Environments

LIMS for Physical, Mechanical, and Material Testing Labs

Tracking Requirements and Testing Across Wide Range of Specialties

QBench is applicable in many mechanical and electrical products testing laboratories. Sample types can be highly variable and the configurable nature of QBench makes it possible to collect the necessary sample metadata and even testing requirements per sample if they vary. Electronics, materials, physical components, parts, etc. sample types can all successfully be tracked in QBench. Sample accessioning (ID generation) in QBench makes it easy to uniquely identify samples and print barcodes for easy sample retrieval in the system and prevent costly mix ups when performing testing.

Whether the testing results inform third party product manufacturers, is being performed as internal quality control testing (QC), or even if the results are for R&D purposes, QBench has the functionality to make the standard workflow more efficient. Using QBench mechanical testing labs can efficiently log samples, whether they’re received from an external source, or internally (even from an ERP system), then assign the required analyses, track the progress of testing, input data, and transmit results. Technicians can easily create track their work and managers can clear high-level insight. Furthermore, customers, again whether internal or external, can access their results, and track the progress of testing, using the QBench customer portal.

QBench has been used in testing laboratories across several disciplines. Labs may be specializing in one or more areas such as analytical chemistry, physical properties, electronics etc. and may have different needs when dealing data and the volume of data. QBench supports integration with not only analytical instrumentation to easily (and automatically) synchronize hundreds of data points, but also almost any exportable data format. The QBench implementation team are experts and approach every customer with 1 on 1 attention to ensure your implementation is successful.

Many testing labs are required to be ISO 17025 accredited (or seeking accreditation in the future). QBench meets the requirements set forth in the standard as it pertains to LIMS. This includes the newly revised ISO 17025:2017 standard, which now includes a section specifically for LIMS.

Key Points

  • Highly customizable fields for easy data capture
  • Applicable to mechanical, electrical component, appliance, and material testing
  • Capable of transmitting results in the field
  • Capable of communicating with existing systems such as ERP
  • ISO 17025 compatible
  • Effective for both internal QC testing labs or third-party testing labs
  • Capable of direct instrument integration, or batch data upload