LIMS for Environmental Testing Labs

The LIMS for Environmental Testing Labs

Get Results Where You Need Them

QBench helps environmental testing labs streamline both the testing and reporting process. QBench can track a variety of sample matrices like air, water, soil, and more through simple configuration. The customizability of QBench makes it possible to track almost any kind of sample your lab works with. Sample accessioning (ID generation) makes it easy to identify samples and also allows labs to print bar codes for expediting sample retrieval. These features also prevent costly mix-ups when performing tests.

QBench has the functionality to make these processes much more efficient. Labs using QBench can log samples, assign analyses, track test progress, input data, and send results. Processes in the lab can be tracked at the batch level, along with control data, and data from instruments can be parsed and integrated in an automated fashion to the extent needed. Samples can be logged from both external and internal sources (even from third party systems). Technicians can track their work while Managers can get high-level insight. Customers can access results and track test progress using the QBench customer portal.

QBench has utility in environmental testing settings across several disciplines with varied needs. Some labs perform microbiological analyses while others conduct PCR testing and analytical chemistry. QBench supports integration with both analytical instrumentation and liquid handling equipment. QBench's expert team of developers ensure the successful implementation of your labs integrations needs.

QBench also helps labs meet the requirements outlined for what a LIMS provider must do across various accreditation standards (in fact the newest ISO 17025, ISO 17025:2017, standard expands the requirements of laboratories' LIMS systems). Many labs performing environmental testing are required to be accredited (ISO 17025, NELAP, ELAP, and others).

Key Points

  • Handle all kinds of matrices and workflows within the same LIMS
  • Flexible to accommodate many scientific disciplines, including but not limited to analytical chemistry, microbiology, molecular testing, physical testing, microscopy, etc.
  • ISO 17025 compatible
  • Effective for both internal QC testing labs or third-party testing labs