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The LIMS for Cannabis Testing Labs

Improving Efficiency and Keeping Up With Compliance

QBench LIMS for Cannabis Testing Labs

Testing for cannabis is ramping up for many players across the industry. Whether your lab is an internal quality control (QC) testing lab or a third-party testing lab QBench is a great fit. The configurable nature of QBench helps in collecting metadata from samples. Users can also configure QBench based on testing requirements for varying sample types. Data per sample can even include label claims or other testing specifications. QBench can track sample types such as flowers, concentrates, edibles, infused products, and more. Sample accessioning (ID generation) in QBench prevents costly mix-ups when performing testing. QBench users can identify samples and print bar-codes for easy sample retrieval. Samples in QBench can also integrate with state track-and-trace systems for streamlined reporting.

QBench makes the standard workflow for cannabis labs much more efficient. Labs can log internal and external samples (even from an ERP system), assign the required analyses, track testing progress, manage and enter data, and send results to customers. Technicians can track their work and managers can set up a personalized high-level view to keep track of laboratory workflow. Customers can access their results and track testing progress using the QBench customer portal.

How QBench LIMS Can Help Cannabis Testing Labs

Cannabis testing laboratories across several disciplines use QBench and its powerful features. Labs may be performing microbiological analyses, PCR testing, analytical chemistry, and more. As a result, labs have different needs when dealing with such volumes of data. QBench can manage all the major analyses required of recreational or medicinal cannabis. This includes sample receipt and assignment of any pesticide screening and/or testing analyses, such as, mycotoxins, bacterial, and potency testing. QBench can also manage testing of residual solvents, foreign material, heavy metals, and water activity. More specialized laboratories use QBench for disease testing, sexing, and tracking genetic fingerprinting.

QBench LIMS Instrument Integration

QBench also supports instrument integration -- both analytical and liquid handling. QBench supports analytical instrumentation for synchronization of hundreds of data points. QBench also supports liquid handling equipment for facilitation of plate map tracking. The QBench team approach every customer with dedicated attention ensuring successful instrument implementation.

Most labs in the cannabis industry are required to be ISO 17025 accredited. QBench meets the requirements set forth in the new standard (ISO 17025:2017), which now includes a section specifically on LIMS requirements.

We put together the following infographic to help you learn more about the cannabis testing industry!

QBench LIMS for Cannabis Testing Labs

Key Points

  • Capable of handling many different samples types, including flowers, edibles, oils, powders, beverages, supplements, etc.
  • Cannabis reporting requirements are changing everyday. QBench can help you keep up.
  • Flexible and can accommodate many scientific disciplines, including but not limited to analytical chemistry, microbiology, molecular testing, physical testing, microscopy, etc.
  • ISO 17025 compatible
  • Effective for both internal QC testing labs or third-party testing labs
  • Capable of communicating with existing systems such as ERP or accounting systems
  • Capable of direct instrument integration